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Continue CareRx Provides Value Beyond Medication

Our PharMerica® brand pharmacy teams deliver superior service, industry-leading technology and 24/7/365 medication dispensing. We understand the unique needs of the communities, residents, patients and staff we serve and are committed to delivering seamless pharmacy solutions that enhance care.

Our direct pharmacy services:

  • Deliver prescription medications directly to patient’s homes
  • Ensure medication adherence
  • Provide ongoing medication management and review

Offering unmatched service reliability, cost containment, and clinical, regulatory and educational support —we provide value beyond medication.

Bringing Health Home

A Medication Management program that is more than just a mail order pharmacy.


Continue CareRx vs. Retail Pharmacies

When you choose Continue CareRx for your pharmacy needs, you get value-added services that simplify medication management, improve your quality of life, and promote better outcomes to help you stay healthy at home.

Continue CareRx



  • Fills are automatically processed and medications are seamlessly delivered

  • Patient receives a full month cycle in each shipment

  • Caregiver must physically order and pick up medications

  • Caregiver may have to make multiple trips in the same month for prescriptions with different fill cycles 

Insurance Coordination

  • Continue CareRx takes care of coordinating coverage with patient’s pharmacy benefit manager (PBM)

  • Caregiver must reach out directly to all physicians and insurance companies – spending hours on the phone

Packaging and Safety

  • Clear, easy-to-use packaging ensures the patient takes the right dosage at the correct time

  • Retail packaging is not always safe and often fails to meet regulatory requirements

Drug Interactions

  • A pharmacist will do a complete medication regimen review for each new patient for accuracy, safety, and efficacy as well as when a new medication is ordered or there is a change in dosage

  • Every order is checked by a pharmacist for drug interactions and allergies against all medications

  • Drug interactions are not checked against all medications and polypharmacy use can lead to negative health risks

Additional Services

  • 24/7/365 pharmacist access and customer service support

  • None


  • Retail prices based on the patient’s prescription drug plan

  • Retail prices based on the patient’s prescription drug plan


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