Worry Free Health Management

Worry-Free Health Management at Your Doorstep

As a Continue CareRx patient, you can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Home Health Care and Coordination: Your dedicated representative will continue to deliver clinical care to help you live your best life and follow up on any issues with your medications or health changes to help make sure you take your prescriptions as directed.
  • Medication Management: Our pharmacists will review your list of medications, including OTCs, for accuracy, safety and effectiveness and make any recommendations to your provider – oversight many patients miss out on when they have multiple specialty providers. Any recommended changes approved by your physician will be reflected in your regimen.
  • Prescription Deliveries: We will handle refills automatically and deliver full-month cycles of your prescription medications directly to your door. Your oral tablets and caplets will come in clear, easy-to-use packaging so you take the right dose at the right time, and we also provide liquid medications and other treatments like inhalers. In addition, we can help coordinate diabetic supplies from a third-party vendor if you currently do not have a supplier.
  • 24/7 On-Call Support: Our nurses and pharmacists are available to answer both patient and family questions 24/7 to drive better outcomes.
  • Convenience: It’s easy, safe and convenient to have multi-dose packaging shipped directly to your door. Our direct delivery offers peace of mind to your loved ones, saves time running errands, and simplifies daily routines.

We provide the care that patients need to stay healthy at home. Additionally, we offer enhanced benefits to patients with chronic conditions. Our care coordination increases quality of care and helps minimize avoidable hospital stays. We are dedicated to providing innovative solutions that keep patients healthy at home.


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